Teatime in the City - 2016

Music Festival: MoogFest

By Samir Shukla

Warm weather kicks off a slew of music festivals around the country. There are one-day to multi-day festivals for all musical tastes and genres. One of the most intriguing festivals in North Carolina is the annual Moogfest held in Durham. It is a “synthesis of music, art, and technology." This year Moogfest takes place from May 19 – 22. The festival began in 2004 and has grown to include top-notch musicians along with futurist thinkers, artists, scientists, designers, inventors, and slew of like-minded people interested in rethinking music and technology. During the day thinkers, speakers, and tech enthusiasts attend the conference and conversations. At night eclectic and experimental musicians and performers fill various venues throughout Durham for intriguing showcases and concerts. Expect pop music, avant garde performers, electronica and free jazz artists. According to the organizers, “Moogfest is a tribute to Dr. Robert Moog and the profound influence his inventions have had on how we hear the world. Over the last sixty years, Bob Moog and Moog Music have pioneered the analog synthesizer and other technology tools for artists. This exchange between engineer and musician is celebrated with a unique festival format where the creative process is understood as collaboration among many people, across time and space, in commerce and culture." This year's performers include Gary Numan, Daniel Lanois, Explosions in the Sky, Odesza, Blood Orange, The Orb, Laurie Anderson and many others. For full details visit, www.MoogFest.com.

Samir Shukla is the Editor of Saathee Magazine