Nuv Yug India Fest (Regional)

PO Box 37820
Raleigh, NC 27627
Vendors, Sponsors & Volunteers: 919.228.9867
Raleigh Cultural Committee: 919.578.8444
Charlotte Cultural Committee: 980.313.3975
Atlanta Cultural Committee: 770.744.3330
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The Hindi phrase "Nuv Yug" means "new era" or "new generation".

Nuv Yug is a non-profit tax-exempt public charity with a mission to promote awareness of Indian Cultural Arts. Over the years, Nuv Yug has developed a reputation for producing high quality programs that offer a unique cultural exchange opportunity to citizens of Raleigh, Charlotte, Atlanta and surrounding areas.

Since 2003, Nuv Yug's flagship event India Fest - Your Gateway to India has been organized with support from City of Raleigh Arts Commission and many other organizations and individuals. Raleigh's India Fest attracts over 1,500 stage performers, who present almost 150 dance and music items during the festival. During the weekend, traditional crafts vendors from New York, Chicago and Florida in addition to many local vendors showcase unbelievable crafts from India. And, area's top restaurants offer famous Indian delicacies to visitors.

Nuv Yug's objective is to enhance the quality of life of local residents and utilize its platform to support people in need.