How to Help India's Covid Relief Efforts

Organizations working to assist India's efforts to manage the current surge.



This non-profit is looking to support rural communities who have been hit by the Covid crisis in India. The organization is coordinating efforts with the local government to ensure communities receive vaccinations and are raising to provide food rations to families who have to travel and miss work thus not receive living wages. The communities served are in rural Bihar make about 300 rupees per day (4 USD) and depend on it to feed their families daily. Raising $35K and are looking for as much support as possible. Donations are accepted via


AID (Association for India's Development) North Carolina's RTP Chapter

AID's North Carolina chapter has been deeply involved with the underprivileged communities in the urban and rural areas of India for more than two decades, working with many grassroots partners. To identify critical needs, we have been reaching out to our network of grassroots groups across India. Our partners are reporting several worrying trends in the current COVID surge, (1) Small and large hospitals are running at capacity and facing a severe shortage of life-saving resources, (2) Increased number of COVID cases from remote, rural districts, (3) Significant lack of screening and testing facilities, and finally, (4) Rampant misinformation, social stigma, and vaccine fears.

AID has launched a multi-pronged approach to respond effectively to this crisis through (1) Setting up help desks in rural district hospitals & helplines for serious cases, (2) Equipment to low-resourced hospitals, (3) Increasing vaccine deliveries, (4) Livelihood, food, and cash support, (5) Advocacy for access to government support.

AID's teams of volunteers from across the United States are in continuous touch with partners on the ground, evaluating the situation and responding accordingly. For more details, visit For more info on NC's RTP chapter, call (919) 449-7230 or (919) 219 8634.