Two Candidates and a Virus

By Samir Shukla

So, the race is now official between presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden and the incumbent Donald Trump, and the invisible candidate, the Virus. The voters in the two camps are set, and the battle is on to get the votes out and persuade a few of the folks on the fence to vote for a particular candidate. The virus will stalk us with its own agenda throughout the year. This will now be the strangest presidential election season in history. The large crowds and rallies have been relegated to virtual appearances. Trump is appearing daily talking about the bug and what may come next. He is itching to hold live rallies again. Biden would also love to talk in front of crowds. Things just aren't the same this time around.

Sure, politics are a virus also, a devil we must contend with, make a stand and work for betterment of all despite ideological misfits trying to tear the country apart. The virus is further doing its bidding of dividing.

The remaining primaries are in disarray and have been postponed to later dates. Even with the presumptive nominees in the hot seats now, the primaries do need to happen, conduct due diligence and gather the delegates who will head to the conventions and chisel out the eventual party platforms.

The DNC moved the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee to August, about a week prior to Republican National Convention in Charlotte. The political world and its operatives will move at a stranger angle for the next few months. The movers and shakers will still plot, scheme and work to conquer political offices. Hey, only the world's most powerful position is on the line.

The conventions are now both in August. Will they happen as they have in the past with huge crowds? I don't know, but I'm hopeful things will be a little better in the summer. They may happen on a smaller scale or virtually, but happen they must.


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