Road Rage 2020: Volume 7 - Debates, Impeachment, and Debates, Oh My

By Samir Shukla

Whaaaaaaat? You mean there are more Democrats entering the race? Former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick has tossed his hat into the ring for the Democratic presidential nomination. Former NYC mayor and big money businessman Michael Bloomberg will likely do so soon. There are whispers in the air that Hillary Clinton still hasn't totally ruled out a last-minute run. Say it ain't so.

Some of the candidates are dropping out. Beto was the latest high-profile candidate to call it quits. Of course, no one else wants to drop out this close to the early caucuses and primaries (see below for upcoming dates). The impeachment inquiry rolls on while the Democratic hopefuls debate, campaign and try to persuade early voters. The debates are becoming a way in which hard left candidates and moderate candidates can delineate themselves.

One more debate is scheduled this year in December. A few more are planned for the first few months of 2020 and during the primary season. My feeling is that after Super Tuesday on March 3, 2020, when a bunch of states hold primaries, including North Carolina, a clear frontrunner, possibly even the presumptive nominee, will emerge.

In the meantime what is the end goal of impeachment? Removal? That's not going to happen. Even if some magical pixie dust descends on the Senate, and they vote to remove Trump, what's the next phase? Pence will become president. All of Trump's noise and chaos will descend in the background. Pence will pick a like-minded running mate and reset the election. Trump's hardcore supporters, in the meantime, will go on war footing. The cleanest way to end the Trump presidency for those who wish it, even some Republicans and conservatives I know would like to see this happen, is to beat him cleanly and by a wide margin in November. Democrats need a center left candidate to do this. Plain and simple. Democrats' mantra should be to win the White House, pick off three or four senate seats, and then strategically plan systemic changes.

I can hear the howls of left-wing Democrats giving me an evil eye. Let me put it this way, all the talk of reparations, Medicare for all, new Green Deal, they all rhyme with one line…"Donald Trump has been reelected..."

Underestimating Trump is a fool's gamble.

About 40 percent of Americans will vote Democratic and about 40 percent of Americans will vote Republican, no matter who the candidate is. The thin layer in the middle, along with partisan turnout, will decide the final outcome.

The road rage continues.

Notable 2020 Dates:
February 3: Iowa Caucuses
February 11: New Hampshire Primaries
February 22: Nevada Democratic Caucuses
February 29: South Carolina Democratic Primary (The SC Republican party has cancelled its primaries)
March 3: Super Tuesday. Thirteen states, including North Carolina, hold primaries.


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