Road Rage 2020: Volume 10 - Navigating the Madness of American Politics

By Samir Shukla

Charlotte Dumped

The two-year betrothal is over. President Trump is taking the ball, the net, the whole darn game, and the crowds from Charlotte and will now head to Jacksonville, Florida. After a boxing match with NC Governor Roy Cooper, Trump and the Republican National Committee chose Jacksonville as the last-minute substitute city for the Republican National Convention. Charlotte was chosen as the city for RNC 2020 couple of years back. Now the gears have shifted. Trump wanted a guarantee for a full-on convention with thousands of attendees while Cooper insisted that the status of the virus would dictate attendee levels in August. Neither Cooper nor Trump would budge so the Republicans will hold their convention in two cities. It's risky for RNC, not to mention there are contracts that are being broken. Legal battles are sure to follow.

All the preparation done for the convention in Charlotte is now fizzling. Charlotte will retain minimal business, basically one day where some of the delegates will meet, and then the party will move south to Jacksonville, which will host all the speeches, rallies, related events and President Trump's acceptance speech.

The RNC is planning a full-fledged convention while the Democratic National Committee is trying to figure out what their convention will look like in Milwaukee. It will likely be mostly virtual, but how they conduct this and create excitement remains to be seen. So, it goes. The weirdest election season rolls on and will end with an unknowable thud in November.

Just the Facts, folks

A lot of misinformation and disinformation is already flying around, and will only get worse as TV ads crank up as we head into November. Hear something spurious? Something stupid? Something clearly meant to evoke an emotional response but sounds false? Check the reliable fact-checking sites below, which keep tabs on the truthfulness of these commercials as well as other claims made by politicians.

Fact check sites:


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