Joe Biden, Man of the Moment

By Samir Shukla

It's not over yet, but the voters have spoken. The Democratic primaries will roll on, in some form of postponed or other capacities, but Joe Biden will be the Democratic nominee. I think Bernie Sanders should remain in the race till the end. This way there is no complaint hardcore Bernie supporters can make that the nomination was stolen from him. The DNC ran a fair and square nominating process, which began with the most diverse lineup of candidates ever.

Bernie Sanders has been fighting for the working people for years, but simply couldn't close the deal. He has made “Medicare for All (MFA)" his mantra for years, but never convinced most voters how he would accomplish it.

Biden can further the idea of MFA. Now, if he wins, Obamacare can be solidified further, turning it into a major building block toward a unified, sustainable, financially prudent and fair healthcare system for all. This can happen, and the private sector must also be a partner, just as in Medicare.

Joe Biden, with his gaffes, his occasional forgetfulness, persevered over all the others, as voters are seeking a sense of experience and, yes, normalcy, and a check on the most divisive president in recent times. Joe Biden's job is simplified, show steadiness and unite the different factions of the Democrats. The main group he really needs to work on, angry young Bernie supporters.

The virus also has laid bare the basic wish of most voters, a return to normalcy for now, revolution, well, maybe later. Now with this microbial bug unhinging the country and the globe, the election and electioneering have been put into an adjust for the moment mode.

The nominating for the Democratic candidate began with most diverse lineup of candidates, but in the end folks are settling for the familiar.

If the former Vice President can gather the Obama coalition again and bring a few Republicans dispirited with Trump into his fold as extra measure, he will be sitting in the Oval office in late January next year.

It won't be easy.

Trump remains a formidable foe and is also running as an incumbent. The last three Trump predecessors were two termers. Trump has the power of incumbency working for him, but his brashness has been subdued by the unforeseen invisible menace.

This is human reality, not reality TV.


Samir Shukla is the editor of Saathee magazine. Contact -