Duke University to hold Health Conference in New Delhi in December

From the announcement of a new National Health Protection Scheme, to increasing emphasis on health and wellness, and a burgeoning private sector, India is at a crossroads in determining the structure and sustainability of its health system, at national, state, and local levels. Recognizing the growing importance of health policy, financing, and innovation in India to meet the health needs of the population in a sustainable way, as well as Duke University's deep connections across the health sector in India, Duke University India will hold a multi-day inaugural conference in December 13-14, New Delhi, focused on Health Innovation, Policy, and Research.

This event will convene and engage local partners, national and state-level policymakers, international research and development organizations, health researchers and academics, national and global healthcare corporations, investors, and homegrown health entrepreneurs.

This two-day event will bring together key local and global stakeholders to discuss emerging health priorities in India, highlight innovative approaches to developing and implementing evidence to improve health policy and practice, and facilitate collaborations among diverse stakeholders from the public and private sectors. Leading Duke University faculty will participate along with local and global leaders across the health sector.

For more details, visit www.dukeindiahealthforum.com/