Looking for match for Sikh girl. 30's, 5' 5" from Defense Services family. Currently in India working as logistics manager for major USA based company. Willing to settle in US or India. Caste no bar. Please respond with confidential inquiries to

Parents looking for match for son & daughter. Indian Christian, Caste no bar. 32 year-old son, 5'11", unmarried, doctor / surgeon in Saudi Arabia. 37 year-old daughter, 5'4", unmarried, PhD in English, professor in India. Send bio-data, pictures to or via WhatsApp +91,8849931465.

Affluent Hindu-Punjabi parents seek match for US citizen daughter: 27/5'4", slim, very pretty, fair complexion, family oriented. Professional health care worker. Financially secure. All serious inquiries will be promptly responded to. Send biodata & photos to or 520-442-5482.