AstroScope - 2018

Horoscope Predictions for December 2018

By Jalendu Vaidya

ARIES (Mar 20 - Apr 20) - This period will give you mental peace. Your partner will be the best support for you. Enjoy the holidays with friends and family. Opponents may try to damage your reputation. Minor losses are also possible, but you may still feel comfortable. Avoid business-related travel. Your friends and associates will keep their promises. Your family atmosphere will be very supportive. You can count on luck in final week of the month.

TAURUS (Apr 20 - May 21) - If you don't compromise your ideologies, you will lose something very important. Relationships with both family and superiors may deteriorate. Take care of your health in the last week of the month. The time is not good to start new venture. You may also receive some bad news, but the period is quite favourable for love and financial gain.

GEMINI (May 21 - Jun 21) - Try to watch your inner thoughts, as you will lose your moral power. If you are not careful, this might hurt your reputation. There is also danger of a major health-related problem. However, the month will end with some delightful financial benefits, so try to curb your expenses until then and don't stress.

CANCER (Jun 21 - Jul 22) - Heavy expenditures will frustrate you this month. Tendencies towards secret, objectionable acts should be avoided. It is advisable to devote some time to religious activities. Your old-time relations may come forward to help you out of a miserable situation. Short distance travel may also bring peace of mind.

LEO (Jul 22 - Aug 23) - Financially this will be a very positive period. You will gain benefits from profitable deals. Your friends and family will help in achieving success for your venture. There is a danger of becoming too egoistical, and this can lead to unpopularity. It is advisable to spend some money on a religious activity.

VIRGO (Aug 23 - Sep 23) - Even though you will lose an opportunity gain higher status, a marked increase in your income is indicated. You will feel more courageous. Any journeys undertaken shall be fruitful. You will support your siblings. Relations with clients, associates and other concerned persons will improve as the period rolls on. You will likely spend on luxury items.

LIBRA (Sep 23 - Oct 23) - There won't be a big increase in income, but an unexpected beneficial business deal will boost your bank balance. If you are hoping for a promotion, it will come your way at the end of the month. Avoid business-related travel, if possible. The time is also good for a potential love affair. A minor health ailment or illness may disturb your peace of mind.

SCORPIO (Oct 23 - Nov 22) - Even though the period is taking a downward trend, you will still feel confident. Speculation may pay off more than you expected. Be careful of wicked friends as your reputation could suffer on their account. Don't create personal problems. Your child may also need specialized medical treatment. The middle of month is very crucial in these regards.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 21) - You could be subject to false charges, where your real involvement is negligible. Try to be practical. The period is very good for you financially, but you may lose your reputation. Be very careful in this matter. Business-related journeys might prove to be very fruitful. Do not hold back anything from your seniors. The stock market and investing in it may prove beneficial for you and your family. Don't cheat on your partner.

CAPRICORN (Dec 21 - Jan 20) - During this month you will be amiable and avoid friction. A fruitless journey is also possible, so avoid any travel. You will see aggression in your family atmosphere, so be careful while dealing with them. A health problem may also disturb you. Your stubborn mentality may cause you to work hard without any reward.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 19) - Control your aggression and avoid greediness. If you can do that, you will get a promotion and increase in status. If you cannot, you will lose this opportunity. The time is positive for entering in to new partnership deal, but be prepared to work hard. You will sign a contract, which will not last long, but it will bring you fast income. You may spend most of the month in business-related travel.

PISCES (Feb 19 - Mar 20) - An important move will be delayed. You will lose a very important opportunity, and your mistake can put you in hot water. You may need some kind of spiritual help. Financial loss is unavoidable. Try to protect your morals and avoid any risk-taking tendencies. Your regular income will remain undisturbed. A sense of insecurity will prevail as far as personal affairs are concerned.