College Admissions Insider - 2020

How to Ace Your College Interview

By Lindsey Conger

College interviews can be an intimidating part of the college application process, but it doesn't have to be stressful. Often, the point of college interviews isn't for the school to learn more about you, but so that you can learn more about the school. An alum or student interview has very little weight in the overall admission decision.

Instead, the alumni or student interview is there, so you can ask questions, learn about their experiences, and get more excited about attending the university if you are accepted. The interview is also a great way to demonstrate an interest in the school.

If it is an in-person interview with a faculty member or admission officer, the interview will likely play a more significant role. They will be making the decisions, and if it is a highly competitive program, then the interview might be one of the deciding factors. To prepare, here are three tips to help you through the college interview season.

Practice Common Interview Questions

College admission interviewers aren't trying to trick you. For the most part, they will ask you open-ended questions that allow you to talk about your interests and extracurricular activities. Before the interview, research some of the most common interview questions and prepare them with a friend or family member.

Extend Your Answers

When answering the interview questions, don't just give a short answer. For example, if they asked what your favorite subject was, just saying “AP Literature" isn't enough. A better answer would be “AP Literature because I love exploring different forms of writing. After reading 'King Lear' and 'Hamlet' in the class, I realized my love for Shakespeare and joined a local theatre group's production of 'Romeo and Juliet.'"

Prepare Questions for the Interview

For many, the most dreaded part of the interview is: “What questions do you have for me?" Research beforehand so you can ask a few questions to the interviewer as well. Think about things you couldn't find easily on the website. Don't be overly personal, but you can ask questions like, “What was your favorite class you took outside of your major?" or “Any advice for incoming freshmen?"

Preparation is key for a successful interview. Take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your talents and demonstrate interest in the school. To fully prepare for the interview, this free can help you strengthen your case and prove why you are the right student to be admitted. To find the course go to and type in 133041756475 in the search box.


Lindsey Conger is a College Counselor and tutor at Moon Prep. She helps students create memorable personal statements and tutors students to increase their academic profile to universities.