Akhila Koripella - National Merit Scholar at University of Texas at Dallas (2019)

Pictured left to right: Nirmala, Akhila, and Ananya Koripella
Photo courtesy of the Koripella family

Panther Creek High School student Akhila Koripella, younger daughter of Nirmala Koripella, earned a prestigious National Merit Scholarship to the University of Texas at Dallas which offers close to $200,000. This was announced on Friday May, 31, 2019 during a ceremony at the high school in Cary. Students at the school received nearly $4 million in scholarships combined. Also in attendance was Akhila's older sister Ananya who was there to present another student with a scholarship to East Carolina University similar to the one she received 3 years prior.

Akhila has maintained a high CPA all while battling Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a connective tissue disorder.

"I just inadvertently tear my ligaments without knowing so that keeps me in inadvertent, constant pain all the time," she said. But Akhila would sit in bed and continue doing her work according to her mother, Nirmala.

Akhila hopes to become a CPA or actuarial scientist when she graduates.

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