Dimple Ajmera Elected to Charlotte City Council

Democrats, including 31-year-old Indian-American Dimple Ajmera won all four Charlotte City Council at-large seats on Election Day on Tuesday, November 7, 2017. Ajmera was appointed to a council seat earlier this year as a replacement for John Autry. Her criticism of President Trump created a backlash from local and state Republicans but she still managed to get enough votes to come in fourth and won a set on the Council.

Ajmera wrote on her FaceBook page after the election. "When I filed for office on July 7th, I asked you to join me on a great journey. A journey in which the first Asian-American, the youngest female and the first millennial ever to serve on the City council would run for a seat on the Charlotte City Council, at Large. I ran to provide a prosperous economic environment throughout the city where every individual can get home safely and efficiently, and now everyone will have a voice at the decision making table. Now, many months later, thank you for standing with me! Your loyalty, energy and friendship was my rock, and our key to victory. We made history tonight, and along with my new and old colleagues we will make Charlotte the most prosperous, inclusive, diverse, most welcoming city in the United States. It will take more in the coming days – But tonight, let us enjoy our friendship and victory!"

Democrats will continue to control the Charlotte City Council with a 9-2 majority.

Photos provided by Divakar Shukla