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Election 2016

North Carolina Primary and ID Law

North Carolina voter registration deadline for the primary is February 19. Early voting is March 1-12 and the primary is on March 15. The state of North Carolina now requires a photo ID to vote on Election Day. Approved IDs include Driver's License, Passport, and Military ID, Veterans Affairs ID, some Tribal IDs and others. There are several exemptions with declaration of reasonable impediment. For more details, visit the site

South Carolina Primary deadlines:
Visit the site here for SC primary deadlines and absentee ballots for both parties:

Upcoming Debates
February 13: Greenville, South Carolina, The Peace Center (CBS)
February 25: Houston, Texas, University of Houston (CNN)
March: Florida, CNN (date and venue to be determined)

February 11: Milwaukee, WI (PBS)
March 9: Miami, FL (Univision)

March 7: Raleigh, NC (9pm), The leading candidates for the Libertarian Party's nomination for President face off eight days before the North Carolina primary. Moderator: Barry Smith, Carolina Journal

February 9: New Hampshire
February 20: South Carolina (Republican primary)
February 20: Nevada Democratic caucus
February 23: Nevada Republican caucus
February 27: South Carolina (Democratic primary)
March 1: Georgia
March 1: Tennessee
March 1: Virginia
March 1: Alabama
March 1: Alaska Republican caucus
March 1: American Samoa
March 1: Arkansas
March 1: Colorado
March 1: Massachusetts
March 1: Minnesota
March 1: Oklahoma
March 1: Tennessee
March 1: Texas
March 1: Vermont
March 15: North Carolina

Libertarian National Convention
May 27 – 30, Orlando (

Republican National Convention
July 18 – 21, Cleveland Ohio (

Democratic National Convention
July 25 – 28, Philadelphia (

Some Regional Voter Resources
North Carolina State Board of Elections:
South Carolina State Election Commission:
Georgia Secretary of State/Elections:
Virginia Dept. of Elections: