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Saathee.com, Saathee Magazine & Nazar Television are divisions of Shukla Entertainment Inc.

Mission:  Our goal is to be a valuable source of information for the South Asian Community and be a vital advertising tool for businesses. 

Saathee Magazine is a monthly publication serving the South Asian Community of the Carolinas & surrounding areas. The South Asian Community includes India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & surrounding areas. Saathee Magazine has been the leading media provider for our community since 1998.

Saathee is derived from the Sanskrit word Sathi : one who goes along with another, a companion, follower, adherent ally, assistant, or helper.

www.saathee.com is updated daily with latest in news, entertainment and community events. (Since 2000)

Nazar Television
is a weekly one hour television program in North Carolina (since 1998)

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